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Single Custom QR Code Design:  $199.00
Price includes 3 concepts and up to 2 revisions at no additional charge.

Update or change code direction (keeping an established concept - no artwork changes other than code):  $50.00

This service allows you to periodically modify the URL to which the QR Code is directed, allowing you to link varying types of content to a single code:  mobile websites, video blogs, Youtube videos, etc.

Web Quality - 500 x 500 JPG: Included with the design price
Print Quality - 2500 x 2500 halftone JPG: Additional $50
Super High Quality - 8000 x 8000 halftone JPG or vector EPS (depending on design of code): Additional $75

We can supply your finished QR code in JPG (halftone) or EPS (vector) files based on the sizing you choose.

What is a Halftone file and is this what I should order?
A halftone file is one that contains pictorial information. Photographic imagery is made up of Red, Green and Blue pixels - when merged together they create all the colors of a photograph. Halftone files are fixed in size and can not be enlarged without pixelation or quality loss. Halftone files can be created at any size you need. We just need to know the specific size upfront to maintain quality.

What is a Vector file and is this what I should order?
A vector file is one that deals with solid colors or line art. Solid shades of color are used to create this file format. Think of this in terms of a rubber stamp - the ink is either there or not there - there are no fades, shades or blurs. Vector files may not have the pictorial effect that halftone files do. They are great, however, because you can enlarge them to any size you want without any loss in quality.

What we need from you!
We need your company logo preferably in EPS file format. If you don't have this file format handy, a high quality JPG should work. We also need to know the URL or address you want your QR code to be directed to. If you have any design ideas or suggestions, be sure to let us know - we will take this into consideration when designing your custom code.

Typical turnaround is up to 3 business days depending on backlogs. We will let you know up front when you can expect to see the first draft.


Contact us today to get started. info[at]qrcodes-index.com

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